Dawki – Home to the transparent River of India

I felt a sense of calmness in me while sitting in the middle of this transparent river. The water was flowing all around us and I was able to see even the smallest pebble in the water and they were in multiple colours, I could see tiny water creatures swimming here and there. It was the time I felt most content.

The beauty of Umangot river is beyond words

In my previous blog I spoke about Mawlynnong the Pristine village of Meghalaya  and after exploring the wild sides of that immaculate village, We headed to Dawki.

Dawki is a small town at the border of Bangladesh in Meghalaya and a trade hub between India and Bangladesh. This place is also famous for the annual boat riding competition in the spring season. It is situated at the banks of river Umangot which is crowned with the fact of being the cleanest river of India. It is about one and a half hour drive from Maylynnong.

There were a lot of people on the Bangladesh side of the river as well as at the Indian side. It seemed like a buzzing place. If I ignore too many wanders who were poking, again and again, to buy stuff from them, this place was really scenic. The chilling water of Umangot river, the beautiful suspension bridge makes it an iconic place to visit.

Somewhere on the way to Dawki we found this dry Waterfall called Songrampunji waterfalls
The Umangot river as viewed from the parking space

The river Umangot took my heart in the first place. It has mountains covered in lush greenery on both sides. It is the river that you have seen in fairytales which amaze you at every point. It won’t be too much if I call it the mirror river of India because it is clean as anything. You can even see tiny pebbles deep in the water. In winter, it goes even more transparent.

Sailing on Umangot river

We took a boat ride and while sailing on this beauty we saw that the water was changing its color from sea green to turquoise blue to emerald blue as we were approaching the island in the river. The island was covered in white sand and colorful oval shaped stones everywhere.


Island on the left

We saw a big rock in the middle of the river, I along with Yash reached it after struggling with the fast-flowing water and stones that were too slippery to place our feet at. We managed to place our-self on this rock. I felt a sense of calmness in me while sitting in the middle of this transparent river with water flowing all around us. I could see the colorful stones in the water, tiny water creatures swimming here and there. It was the time I liked most. I wanted to stay there in the night but our tents could not be placed here and we did not find anyone offering accommodation here. Maybe some other time, some other way.

We returned back to the shores and on our return, the boat guy took us at the Bangladesh shore of the river. We waved at the people from that side and came back to the Indian side. I so want to come back here again.

Yeah they all are Bangladesh people

It was almost 3:30, and we were starving so went towards the market. Ok so now we got to know that people here eat mostly Pork, Duck, and Chicken while we are the Vegans and so we fed ourselves with noodles, rice, and momos. The food is a concern in Meghalaya. I eat eggs so it somehow saved me because there were many places where there was nothing in Vegetarian other than rice or noodle. This was the time to say goodbye to this amazing place and so we left Dawki and our next destination was Cherrapunji.

The Final goodbye to this amazing place

Things to keep in mind while going to Dawki:

  • There is no entry fee to visit this place.
  • Keep some food stuff with you if you plan to visit the island as there is no food shop.
  • Do no litter here and there or in the river, people here put a lot of efforts to keep it clean, hence keep a trash bag with you and collect your trash and drop it to dustbin on your return.
Sunset on the way to Cherrapunji

As the evening was approaching it started getting very cold. The road to Cherrapunji is beautiful, clean, stunning and ornamented with these meadows, valleys and jaw-dropping landscapes.

Meadows of Meghalaya
Yash googling the way to Cherrapunji

That was about my experience with Dawki and the Umangot river. Read my next blog about my experience with Cherrapunji and the Double decker root bridge.


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