Mawlynnong – The pristine most and the cleanest Village of Asia

Do you also tend to stop your friends from throwing garbage outside? Well if yeah, you would definitely love this village.

A lady crossing the Living root bridge of Mawlynnong

In my previous blog Meghalaya I spoke about how beautiful my experience was while reaching Mawlynnong through different modes of Transportation.

(To know about the itinerary, how to plan, what to pack, Read my blog “Planning for Meghalaya“)

There was a knock on the door, I checked my phone, it was 06:30 Am and there was this lady standing at our door with tea and biscuits. She was the owner of this cottage. We both greeted each other, I took the tray put it aside and came outside, it was already too bright out there. Sun was shining above my head already. I was wondering how come it rose so high at this hour then I realized the time zone thing. Ok so now I could actually see where we were exactly, our cottage was situated on this slope, it felt more like a house in the jungle because I could see nothing but trees all around our cottage and the house of the owners right in front of ours.

Saurabh enjoying his me time at Our tiny Cottage
The one in the right was our cottage

Everything looked so vibrant, the air was so fresh, the sky was clear blue, I could smell the fragrance of leaves, trees. I could hear the sound of a stream that was running somewhere in the jungle, it was making quite a sound. It was a chilly night, the water was chilled like crazy in the bathroom. I woke my friends up, after getting ready. We interacted with the family, they are the Khasi people who are one of Meghalaya’s major tribes. They speak the Khasi language and fine English too. They are very simple, generous people and very well connected to mother nature. They do not like building the cemented houses as they find them ugly also they think it leads them far from nature. We played with their kids a little.

Smiling faces

There were chickens and hens in their backyard, I was trying to shoot them with my camera and they were running here and there creating a spree for us. Almost in an hour, we all were ready with our backpacks to say goodbye to these sweet people

Four of Us ready to explore the Jungle

We took a walk around the village and believe me you won’t find a single piece of trash anywhere in this village, not even the leaves on the road. There are dustbins everywhere that too were made of bamboo. There are some 100 households in this village.

The Khasi Mother and son soaking the morning sunlight

I got to know that people of this village gather on the road every day in the morning to clean it and the nearby areas. The kids who reach Grade 1 and 2, are given the task of keeping their home and surroundings clean, and if they are failed to do so, they won’t get the food. The immaculate beauty of this village has highlighted it on the world map. No doubt why this village has been awarded as the Cleanest Village of Asia by Discover India Magazine back in 2003.

Streets of Mawlynnong

We drove some 2 km to witness the second iconic thing of the day, The Living root bridge. These bridges are a man-made marvel and built without causing any harm to nature but as a bridge between man and nature. People needed a bridge to cross the streams and these bridges were not built but grown. These bridges have a life span of about 500 years or more. They are strong enough to hold more than 40-50 people at a time. They grow stronger by time and heavy rains help their growth. And an add on it is that they nowhere else in the world than in Meghalaya.

The perfect web
It is more than 300 years old and one of the most visited and biggest in Meghalaya

It was our first encounter with such kind of structure. It left us spellbound with its pristine beauty and awestruck structure. We went deep in the dense forest to which this bridge was an entrance.

Some whooping moments into the woods
Me, trying to capture the beauty of this place

This place is heavenly. I can spend N amount of time here to get lost in these dense forests with such serene beauty. Sun rays were not able to reach us easily as the forest was quite dense and we were deep in the valley.

In the lap of mother nature deep in the jungle

We were talking to locals and kept on hearing that do not miss the viewpoint which lies at the borders of Maylynnong, so after giving a warm hug to the bridge we left towards the Viewpoint which was just 20 minutes away from here.

I am the Tarzan of my Jungle Book

We were going deep in the village and then it appeared, an entry gate to a tree house made of bamboo. Until we got on this bamboo bridge we had no idea that we were at this height. There was this balcony on the other side of this bamboo bridge. We got there and realized that we were at a height of 4869 feet from sea level, standing on a tree house which was hanging on a valley. The valley which had Bangladesh on the other side.

Entry gate to the tree house followed by bamboo bridge
The hanging balcony with a view of Bangladesh on the other side

It was one of a great experience. There was a river flowing down there in the valley which looked so tiny as we were standing at a very high point. After spending about an hour here at this calm place, we left towards Dawki our next stop.

Read my next blog about how beautiful I found Dawki the magical town which is situated at the shores of cleanest river of India the Umangot River.

Enroute Dawki


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