Rainbow Waterfall – Hidden gem of Cherrapunji

We did not have the picture in our mind of the place to which we have been trekking from last 5 hours. Just a name was there, and then it arrived the magical Rainbow waterfall in the deepest jungles of Cherrapunji.

The Rainbow falls as seen from the bottom

In my previous blog, I spoke about the day-long trek to the World famous Double decker root bridge and after then we continued our trek to the Rainbow Falls.

(To know about the itinerary, how to plan, what to pack, Read my blog “Planning for Meghalaya“)

We started moving towards our ultimate destination, the Rainbow waterfall which was still a 2-hour long trek. The sun was shining at its peak, it was almost 12:30 pm. As we were going deeper, the cemented steps were no longer there, and now the entire trails were just pebbles, stones and soil. After walking a few more steps we saw a giant space and it had two back to back bridges. The first one was a metal suspension bridge, which looked more fragile and just after crossing it there was another root cum metal suspension bridge that looked scary.

Metal suspension bridge followed by the metal cum root bridge

There were no more houses on the trek. It was absolutely jungle. No signs of human intervention could be seen anymore. The trek became steeper, the terrain was rugged and the trail was tiny. On our left, there was a trench which was deep and too steep with a turquoise blue river flowing at the bottom of the valley. While moving ahead I heard the sound of thundering water, I asked my friends that I guess it is a rainbow waterfall but they did not agree and moved on but I was curious enough to check it. I followed the sound and went down in the valley, there was no trail to it, after going some 100 feet down that’s what I found.



Blue Lagoon

It was a blue lagoon there. Looked like a natural swimming pool. The waterfall in the back might look tiny but it is almost 25 feet tall. Do you see how fresh and clean the water is? There were some 3 – 4 guys here, so I realized that it is not the rainbow fall but was still a treat for my eyes. I tried bringing my friends here but they moved a bit far towards the rainbow fall.

I got back on the trek and started chasing the rainbow fall again. It was 1:45 in my watch, by when we started hearing the loud roars of thundering water. The trail turned slightly left and we saw a glimpse through the trees of a huge and tall waterfall which was still far. After trekking for some more minutes the waterfall came right in front of us. This was the end of the trail and now there was this giant Rainbow waterfall in front of us, we could see a rainbow at the mid part of the fall and on the bottom, there was this huge blue lagoon filled with the turquoise blue water.

Beautiful like anything
The Signature Pose

The excitement was at its peak, I could not wait to jump into that pond. The trail for going down is not an easy one, there are just rocks, you need to be very careful at this part. Once we reached there I went all gaga with the beauty of this place. It was a magical experience. We did that Tamashaa movie thing, entire face in water while our body outside and we’re trying to see through it.

The Rainbow fall as seen from the bottom

There were some other college students as well. None of my friends joined me for the bath in this heavenly waterbody because it was too cold, but I went all on my own and that was a delightful experience.

Me, Admiring the beauty of mother nature

Though its a lovely place, the water is still not something you should play with. There have been instances of drowning in the water on no. of occasions. The water is little deep at some parts and the fall is strong enough to crack your bones, so don’t try to go under it directly.

After spending a good amount of time there, we had to leave this place, though we had no mood of coming back from this paradise. We left here around 3:45. We were scattered on our way back, Yash was walking next to me. It was when he was using my phone for a call, at such tiny rugged trail, he lost his balance and fell towards the mountainside while my new iPhone fell into the trench. After checking at him if he was doing fine. I looked for my phone into the valley. I saw it some few feet down, resting at a tree bottom. I tried going down but it was too steep to go there, almost impossible. But still I had to get it, I went anyway while Yash was helping me, I caught the phone anyhow but could not find it easy to come back above. Yash tried pulling me up but the bamboo trees at my feet were too fragile to place my weight on them and I was just laying on this slope with my hands holding the roots of some other trees, I had a hard time then. In some minutes there was a girl going through the trek, then both Yash and she pulled me up, Pheww!! and I came back in one piece. It was a hell of an experience.

Goodbye awesomeness and goodbye to this amazing day

We reached Tyrna by 6 in the evening. It was already too dark then. Our calves were hurting like anything. No more steps we could have climbed in the coming days. But all these efforts were worth paying for.

We reached Cherrapunji by 8 in the evening. We needed a good bed to sleep and rest tonight, hence we took a big room at the same lodge for tonight. The room was pretty and very comfortable. We were not in the mood of any more exploring tonight so we called it a day and slept.

In my next blog, I will be sharing my experience of going inside one of the oldest caves of our world, The Arvah Caves of Meghalaya. How does it feel like going inside the mountains? Well, for that wait until my next blog is out. Till then Keep travelling and exploring.


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