Meghalaya the True paradise of India

Be the Landscape, the culture or the food, everything is so pristine here. These places are remote, not much-commercialized, the landscapes are surreal, super-rich biodiversity and on top of it, people there are very close to nature, they are simple and very helpful.

Meghalaya truly is a gem to the crown of India

We all have heard like many times that northeast is true heaven, the real bliss and unlike other states of India. Well, it really is. From a very long time, I wanted to go to those 7-sisters (the seven states of the northeast), the reason being my fascination towards the dense forests and waterfalls of Meghalaya, the unexplored Himalayan state of Arunachal, the land of black magic, rhinos and the worldwide famous tea estates which is Assam.

I will be writing a series of blogs under the series “Northeast – The true paradise”. Each blog is dedicated to the uniqueness of that place and my experiences with those places. I was able to cover only 3 out of 7 states in this trip and they were Meghalaya, Assam, and Arunachal.

(To know about the itinerary, how to plan, what to pack, Read my blog “Planning for Meghalaya“)

Reaching Meghalaya is a magical experience

Flying from northwest to the northeast is a part of one of the most scenic flight you would ever be in India. Out of all the flights I have taken so far this was the best. But why? You may find it below.

I couldn’t sleep well last night because of 2 reasons, first being the excitement for the trip another being I already had a cold. Still, I managed to take a nap of about 3 hours. The flight was set to depart at 06:30 am. I woke up at 3AM and left my home at about 4AM. My mother is always concerned about my health and she always asks me to avoid eating outside. So she packed me a lot of her handmade foodstuff to keep my stomach healthy, but that’s how mothers are. I along with Saurabh and Rahul arrived quite early as we were not ready to miss the flight in any case.

It was a 2.5-hour journey and after almost an hour, they started appearing on the left, the giants on the surface of the earth, the gigantic great Himalayas with some of the worlds highest peaks serving as topping in those mountains cake. I just could not set my eyes off the window.


Mountains are love and I was just looking at them clicking pictures back and forth, my friends were saying that I was being a kid then but I just can’t explain the feeling of seeing those mountains right in front of me and flying parallel to them. The surprise was yet to come, I took many pictures of those mountain ranges from my iPhone and Camera.

Oh, Himalayas!!!

It was when I was flying above Bihar I saw 3 mountains standing distinct among the others in that mountain range. I took some good shots of them. The network was not available up in the air and I could not know their name by using the internet. So I waited but still was eager to know the names of those mountains. As I landed at the Assam airport I switched on my internet, thanks to the GeoTagging feature of iPhone that marks my location of the places I click pictures at, and to my surprise I just realized that I was flying 200kms parallel to Mount Everest and those were Mount Nuptse, Mount Everest, and Mount Lhotse that caught my attention.

Mount Nuptse, Mount Everest, and Mount Lhotse (left to right)

I was speechless at the moment of realization of actually seeing the crown of our mother earth the Mount Everest from my eyes. This level of excitement was because I have been cherishing this dream of summiting the Everest since my childhood. I will touch your crown someday soon.

After arriving at Guwahati almost at 09:00 AM, we directly headed to the agency in Guwahati who were providing their car to us on rent that we would be driving on our own. We booked it online a month back, it was called Fabcarzzz but it was a disappointment as the car did not meet all the requirements that we were told. We had to take that car as there was no other option at that time. It was Toyota Etios, I won’t say it was too bad but not up to the mark in terms of performance as the condition of the car was not good. If you are also looking for a car to drive in the northeast, I would suggest going with Razel cars, we took their car while going to Arunachal. Their services and cars were too good.

Guwahati is like any other metropolitan city of India, too much traffic, Crowd, honking. I did not like being there much also because I was eager to go to Meghalaya. We waited for our other friend Yash who was coming directly from Mumbai. After having lunch we bought a good amount of packed food for our journey. India only has one-time zone but time doesn’t feel the same here in the east as like in the west. It was just 03:30 in the noon but the evenings started knocking our door already while in Rajasthan it comes around 05:00 pm during the months of March.

Mawlynnong is a 5-6 hours journey from Guwahati. As we started heading towards Meghalaya, we could see the sudden changes in the landscapes. There were palm trees rising too high on both sides of the highways. The sun was already going down so these trees were creating beautiful scenery.

Palm trees everywhere

The hills were approaching, valleys were arriving and the roads started becoming narrower, yet really good in terms of condition.

Meadows of Meghalaya

We took a halt at the Umium lake which comes 17kms before Shillong.  The lake looked nice and it was surrounded by hills. We took some pictures and headed back to our car.

The Umiam lake as seen in the evening hours
Oh well, That’s us, (From left to right) Yash, Rahul, Saurabh and Me

It was 11 in the night when we reached Mawlynnong, a small village in Meghalaya situated on Bangladesh border. Though we had our own tents we were still trying to find some homestay as it was too dark and the village looked majorly a forest with distant houses so we needed a real shelter at least for tonight. Finally, we found a homestay, it was a cozy lodge with two rooms and a bathroom which built mostly with the bamboo, it was a nice little warm accommodation for tonight. We were tired like crazy due to a day-long journey hence we called it a night and slept.

Read my next blog Mawlynnong – The pristine most and the celanest village of India where mother nature has showered all her happiness by making it the most green.

Me, trying to capture the beauty of this 300 year old Living root bridge of Mawlynong

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